Leathered Life: Sarah & The Girls- Sexy Blond in Black Leather Jeans

Source: Leathered Life– Sexy blonde, in Miss Sixty leather jeans

Source:The Action Blog

“Sarah and the girls in Miss Sixty leather pants.” Originally from Leathered Life, but the video has since been deleted or blocked on YouTube.

The first 10-20 seconds of this video with the sexy, baby-faced blonde, is the only part of this video that I’m interested. Gorgeous, sexy, baby-face blonde, in these tight Miss Sixty leather jeans, with her big round butt almost looking she’s sticking her big bootie into the camera and asking the cameraman ( or woman ) to touch her big butt or something. And then they show a bunch of women in leather leggings, which I’m just not into.

Source: Leathered Life– Model Sarah

Similar to denim when it comes to leather pants on women, I’m only interested in jeans. Not leggings or trousers. Leather leggings or denim leggings, look like something women would wear to the gym. But if you really want to know what a woman’s legs look like and what kind of body she has, check her out in skin-tight jeans whether they’re denim or in this sexy blonde’s case’s Miss Sixty black leather jeans, with a tank top and boots, who is very proud of her body and perhaps even wants people to check her out.

Leathered Life: Andrea- Sexy Woman in Biker Leather Jeans

Source:Leathered Life– Biker Woman Andrea.

Source:The Action Blog

“All free clips with Lena, Andrea, Liz Marie & Linda in real Leather Pants and laced biker leather pants

Leathered Life – Girls in leather pants, wetlook leggings and shiny leather clothes”

From .Leathered Life

Short but very sweet, as far as the woman in this video, but as the person who made the video said, still sexy has hell. Why guys love biker women because of their style, their personalities, their abilities to handle motorcycles as well as men and in some cases better. But what always gets me and the thing I can never forget is their sex appeal. We’re not talking about obese woman who need 5-6 meals a day to be happy with most of that food being junk food. Or stick-figure wannabe models, who only live off of brown rice, rice cakes, dark lettuce.

We’re talking about healthy sexy women who not only eat meat but other things as well that help people be strong and live healthy, including salads and fruits. The reason why biker women and men, wear a lot of denim and leather, well there several reasons having to do with the look, but also leather and denim jeans help protect the legs from the heat that is generated by the engine on the motorbike. So we’re talking about healthy strong women, who wear a lot of leather and denim on their bikes and when they’re at biker events and parties.

So you’re talking about beautiful, sexy, well-built women, who are always in tight jeans and boots. Tight denim or leather jeans and boots. I believe the sexiest combo there is for women right now and still one of the most popular combos for women which is boots and jeans. Spring, summer, fall and winter, obviously being the most popular seasons for boots and jeans with women because of the weather. So you get to see these beautiful sexy women, in their boots and jeans. Generally denim jeans and boots, but in Andrea’s case and lot of biker women’s cases leather jeans and boots. And they’re a pleasure to check out.

Leathered Life: Sandra B- Leather Coat, Leather Jeans & Boots

Source: Leathered Life– Sandra B from Leathered Life.

Source:The Daily Press

“SandraB Leather Model”

From Leathered Life

Short, but sweet video of Sandra one of the leather models at the website Leathered Life. Which I’m not sure is even still in business or not. I haven’t seen many videos or anything from them lately. But they were pretty hot in early 2009 when I got on YouTube and I checked out a lot of their videos when I got on YouTube. And a few of them are already on this blog and this will be another one.

Lena is probably the only model that I really like there. Sandra seems pretty sweet with a nice body, but Lena has everything including beauty and baby-face adorable looks. And a body that seems to be built for skinny jeans. Both denim and leather jeans with great curves.

The woman in the video looks good with the leather jeans and boots and certainly worth checking out. Which is why I’m posting this and her outfit is certainly sexy. But I’ve rather of seen a leather jacket like a biker jacket to go with the jeans and boots. Instead of a long coat.


Leathered Life: Topmodel Larissa in Miss Sixty Leather Jeans

Scrione Andre_ Topmodel Larissa- in Miss Sixty Leather Jeans
Source:Scrione Andre– Leathered Life model Larissa, in Miss Sixty leather jeans.

Source: The New Democrat

“Larissa – Topmodel in Miss Sixty Leather Pants.”

From Scrione Andre

Leathered Life
Source:Leathered Life– Larissa in Miss Sixty Leather Jeans.

Beautiful sexy woman in a leather jacket, boots and yes Miss Sixty leather jeans. And showing herself off in this outfit. I’m an Agnostic because I obviously don’t know if there is a God or multiple Gods or not, otherwise I wouldn’t be an Agnostic.

But if there is a God, thank God for women like this and I hope he just continues to produce women like this. So guys such as myself can continue to check them out and blog about them and get the word out about them. Videos like this would what the Christian Right and so-called Moral Majority would say are “immoral and should be banned and taken down by government”.

Radical feminists would say “these videos are an example of women being abused and forced into pleasing the man and another example of male sexist power”, or something. The rest of us would say whether we like the video or not, here’s a professional model doing her job and the more people that see her, the better she does and the more power to her. That is where I am not only as a man, but as a Liberal who believes in free choice and expression.

Sandra B: Leather Model


Source:The Booted Cat– Sandra B: a Goddess in leather n denim and jeans in boots.

Source:Real Life Journal

Thanks to the designer jeans revolution of the late 1990s and then the skinny jeans revolution of the mid 2000s, followed by boots coming back in a huge way, especially long boots, and women not just dressing up their boots, but their denim jeans, and with leather jackets always being so poplar, especially with denim jeans (men and women) we’re seeing the leather n denim look everywhere in America. And if there is one model online that makes that perfectly clear and has patent that look online in the modeling industry or modeling/adult entertainment industry, it’s the model that simply goes by the name SandraB.

From Cannizzaro

Holy smokes, Batman: Leather Model Sandra B is smoking in her black leather jacket and skin-tight, blue denim jeans. Hate to see anything happen to her and have to get the Fire Department out here to rescue her. LOL

16793619039_3ee16d4cf3_o (1)

Source:Cannizzaro– leather n denim model Sandra B.

The thing I think of when I see this photo is a beautiful, sexy women, who looks great both in leather and denim (especially together) and the boots as well and is very comfortable showing off her physical assets and letting the rest of the world see her.

16653435071_b1ebcae663_o (1)

Source:Cannizzaro– leather n denim model Sandra B.

From Cannizzaro

SandraB is part of several websites (perhaps she’s a freelance adult entertainer/model) and is all over social media, especially for the websites The Booted Cat and Leathered Life. She wears both leather and denim jeans, wears this beautiful, black leather studded biker jacket, and where’s it with he skinny denim jeans and black leather boots. I believe she or her body type, certainly is the reason why leather n denim and boots and jeans is so popular in America and why that look, especially boots and jeans and jeans in boots, has been so popular in America, especially in the fall and winter since the mid 2000s.

Both leather and denim are very versatile looks. You can dress down denim and leather, as well as boots and you can dress them up. It sort of depends on the jacket, jeans, and boots. With SandraB you get both. She can look like she’s just going to her kids soccer game or something, or headed out to the club or going to a nice restaurant or on a date, in boots and jeans. Because again of how versatile, as well as stylish and sexy leather and denim, especially when you put them together, as well as boots, have become in America.

SandraB is one of my favorite online adult entertainers/models, because even with the short, somewhat butch blond haircut, she’s really cute anyway, but beautiful as well, with the perfect body for both denim jeans, as well as leather jeans, and boots. And she’s always a pleasure to see and to check out.

Leathered Life: Chrissie in Leather Jeans

Leathered Life_ Chrissie in Leather Jeans (1)

Source:Leathered Life– model Chrissie.

Source:The Daily Press

“The leathered side of life. it offers to you large archives of real life girls in leather pants and pictures of leather models, leather videos and much more… all for free. so take a look and enjoy it! :)”

From Leathered Life

“Chrissie in her Leather Pants”

Leathered Life_ Chrissie in Leather Jeans

Source:Leathered Life– model Chrissie in her tight leather jeans.

From Leathered Life

“Leathered Life Oldies – Chrissie in Leather Pants”

Leathered Life_ Chrissie in Leather Jeans

Source:Leathered Life– model Chrissie.

From Leathered Life

Very cute leather model. A little petite for me as a tall man over two-hundred pounds, I prefer taller, athletic women, over little cuties. But she has a great outfit here with the black leather jacket, the leather jeans and black leather boots. Looks like a biker chick, or perhaps a rocker chick.

I just wish this leather combination was more common in America outside of rocker and biker culture than it is. Not many Americans have the confidence to even pull off leather pants, let alone leather jeans, with a leather jacket and boots to go with it. The worry about coming off as too sexy, or perhaps even worst and not having the right body and looking real bad in them. Perhaps they don’t have strong legs and a good butt and the pants look baggy. Or the pants are too small and they don’t fill very well in them.

But inside of rocker and biker culture and the occasional sexy celebrity, who does have a lot of confidence in their appearance, you’ll see women and men, go out in public in skin-tight leather jeans, that they fit perfectly in and look great in them. Alisha Keys comes to mind and several others.

Leathered Life: Woman Taking a Bath

Leathered Life
Source:Leathered Life– Lara from Leathered Life: wetlook leather jeans.

Source:The Daily Press

“Woman taking a bath in Miss Sixty leather pants.” Originally from Leathered Life, but the video has since been deleted or blocked on YouTube.

Sexy woman, in tight leather jeans and boots, getting wet in the bathtub fully clothed. Is this porn? I’ll let you be the judge, but she’s fully clothed, not engaged in sex with anyone, (including herself) not even making out with anyone. A very attractive woman, in a tight outfit, in a bathtub getting wet.

Jim Morrison, who of course was the frontman for The Doors in the late 1960s, wore black skin-tight leather jeans everywhere, for about three years. Including to church, to parties, even in the hellish California desert in the summer for a movie he made about himself traveling on a highway. He even stopped and got out and took a swim in his black leathers and cowboy boots. Now was that porn, or just an attractive man having a good time in the desert, in a wearing a very sexy outfit. Where his leathers were so tight that he couldn’t even have a boner in private.

The woman in this video, is obviously a very attractive and sexy woman and she could get a lot of guys attention here. But I don’t see anything crude or pornographic in this video. It’s someone getting wet wearing a tight outfit.

Fred Fiorino: Sarah- Dressed in Shiny Black Leather Jeans

Source: Fred Fiorino– Sarah from Leathered Life

Source:The Daily Press

Sarah, is one of the leather models at Leathered Life. Who you can generally see in a black leather jacket, leather jeans and boots. Which is generally how people saw Jim Morrison when he was The Lizard King. She’s not my favorite model there. They have a taller curvier blonde there and two beautiful baby-faced brunettes, both with great bodies that I like more. Lena and Laura, who are both on this blog and in this section of the blog.

But Sarah is probably their cutest model. I sort of see Sarah as the baby of Leathered Life. For guys who like beautiful baby-faced women who aren’t tall o very curvy. The petite baby at Leathered Life. Myself I prefer tall athletic looking women, which is why both Laura and Lena, look so great in their Miss Sixty leather jeans, because they both have great legs and butts and fill out those skinny or skin-tight pants so well. But Sarah again to me at least is the baby of Leathered Life and because she’s so cute, as well as beautiful and has a cute body, she’ll get many guys, including myself, attention as well.

Fred Fiorino: Sarah Dressed in Shiny Black Leather

Leathered Life: Michaela’s Black Leather Suit

Source:Leathered Life– Michaela in her black leather suit.

Source:The Daily Press

“The beauty of leather.” Originally from Leathered Life, but the video has since been deleted or blocked on YouTube.

Short quick video. Perhaps a little redundant to say that this video is both short and quick. Unless the video was short vertically or something, but you get the idea. And no I haven’t seen a tall video yet. But I think you get a pretty good idea of what this woman is wearing here and how good she looks. A black leather suit, with a black leather jacket, black leather jeans, black leather boots. A very sexy black day for this gorgeous women. As I said before you need the right body for leather jeans. Especially skin-tight or skinny leather jeans.

The body is even more important in skinny leathers than skinny denims. Because even if you do have beautiful legs and a beautiful butt and leather jeans make your body look even better and tighter. But if you’re a little weak in the lower body and either overweight or underweight, skinny leathers will over highlight those weakness’. You’ll look even fatter or skinnier in skinny leathers if you’re overweight or skinny, because the pants are made from such a thin material. The woman you see in this video looks great in this leather suit, because she has great legs and a great butt. And those jeans and boots just showcases her physical qualities.


Leathered Life: Rare Miss Sixty Leather Jeans

Source:Leathered Life– Leather model, from Leathered Life.

Source:The Daily Press

“Rare Miss Sixty Leather Pants.” Originally from Leathered Life, but the video has since been deleted or blocked on YouTube.

“Long Leather Coat – great Outfit!”

Long Leather Coat - great Outfit!

Source:Scrione Andre– Leathered Life model all leathered up.

From Scrione Andre

Love biker women for multiple reasons. And two of them having to do with the facts that they tend to be in great shape, because they have to be because of the lifestyle they live being on the road so much and having to manage their motorcycles. But the other having to do with the wardrobe. You see a lot of leather, denim and boots, with their wardrobe. Tight leather, tight denim, tight boots. Skin-tight leather and denim jeans with boots. With a leather jacket, or sometimes just a tank-top or t-shirt. And the great leather biker boots.

And then the combinations with biker women wearing biker leather jackets, with Levis denim jeans or other denim jeans, and the biker boots. Or going all leather with a biker leather jacket, skin-tight leather jeans and biker boots. Jim Morrison, is not the only person to wear leather suits and boots a lot.

You have to have a great body to look even good and not embarrass yourself in skinny leathers. Which are skin-tight leather jeans. If you’re worried about how you look in skinny denims, because of how they showcase your legs for good and bad and make you look ever heavier or skinnier than you actually are, skinny leathers, might be twice as risky. Obese women, look even fatter in skinny leathers and rail-thin women look even skinnier. Because they’re cut so thinly to showcase great legs on women and the butt as well. And if you’re weak in those areas, you’ll look even weaker in skinny leathers.

Every time I see rail-thin woman in skinny denims, she looks about a hundred pounds to me and perhaps has just lost even more weight. A fat woman in those pants will look like she’s grown another ass. (To be frank)

My point about this is a big reason why biker women and let’s say mature biker chicks and not the porn stars who like to model motorcycles, is that they tend to have great bodies and know exactly what they’re doing. How to look sexy while not looking like they have to look sexy in order to pay their bills, because they also have style and class and know bikes very well.

Biker women tend to be professionals, but in other fields. Law enforcement, teaching, military background, even law, but they’re also very attractive and very sexy. And love showing the world that and their bikes on their free time. And these are just a few reasons why I’m so attractive to them. Because they’re so healthy and sexy, but with class and style as well and a pleasure to check out.

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