Jeans Leder Nass: Wetlook Women- Women Getting Wet While Fully Clothed

Jeans Leder Nass - Naja
Source:Jeans Leder Nass– Naja in her wetlook Wrangler’s, after Mel sprayed Champaign on her. 

Source:The Action Blog

“Nadja and Mel CC. Two girls love Proseco and wetlook.”

There’s someone or people with a channel on YouTube from Germany ( or Deutschland ) called Jeans Leder Nass. And they shoot women ( with a camera and video ) getting wet while they’re fully clothed and a lot of times doing these things in cold weather.

Jeans Leder Nass - Mel
Source:Action– Mel, with a big call. 

They did one scene with two women drinking wine and champagne and then they would spray each other with their drinks. They did another video with a woman taking a shower in a denim suit. Blue Wranglers both jacket and pants, as well as boots. Other videos of women talking baths and getting all soaped up while they’re still fully dressed.

Source:Action– Mel in the tub, in her wetlook Wrangler’s. 

What I’ve seen from these videos is the producers of them and the performers in them, have clear denim and boots fetishes. And love moving around and doing everything in their skin-tight denim jeans, including taking baths, showers, swimming, water fights, etc. Not that I’m complaining because as a guy who is a fan of what I would call soft-core porn, these women are all very attractive and very well-built and love showing themselves off including their tight bodies in skin-tight outfits, moving around and doing things that get them noticed.

Wetlook Forever: ‘Best of Wet Jeans Girl’

bestoff wet jeans girl 2

Source:Wetlook Forever– Laker girl whose not trying out for the Los Angeles Lakers. LOL

Source:The Daily Post 

“Bestoff wet jeans girl 2. Wetlook wet jeans girl bestoff.”

girl wet jeans in river 2

Source:Wetlook Forever– Laker girl whose not part of the Los Angeles Lakers cheerleading squad. LOL

From Wetlook Forever

“Girl wet jeans in river 4.”

girl wet jeans in river 4_

Source:Wetlook Forever– Laker girl whose not with the Los Angeles Lakers. LOL

From Wetlook Forever

“Girl wet jeans in river 3”

Wetlook Forever_ 'Best of Wet Jeans Girl'

Source:Wetlook Forever– Laker girl whose not with the Los Angeles Lakers. LOL

From Wetlook Forever

This photo is from the first Wetlook Forever video that they did with this sexy blonde in the lake in her skin-tight, Levi’s jeans and sexy black, studded belt. But that video is not currently available online right now.

Wetlook Forever

Source:Wetlook Forever– Laker girl getting wet in the lake, in her skin-tight Levi’s jeans.

Its hard not to get excited seeing a woman this attractive and sexy in the lake dancing in the lake and seeing her get all of her clothes wet and good clothes too. Probably spent pretty good money on those tight denim jeans and doing these things for the pure entertainment of guys and I’m sure for the green paper as well that people use to pay their bills.

Thank God for women like this to be willing to do these things in public for guys attention and post these videos publicly. Another blog post just for the pure pleasure of blogging seeing something on line that gave me a bit of ride to the point that I wanted to post it which is what I’m doing here. And not to make some broader point about politics and life and what she done in the world and all of that. There are plenty of posts like that and sometimes bloggers and I’m one need to blog just for the pure fun of it and so we can let loose and not have to be so serious.

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