Buddy TV: Anna Torv- ‘Talks About Fringe Season Five’


Source:Buddy TV– Actress Anna Torv, talking about Season Five of Fringe.

Source:Real Life Journal 

“Anna Torv (Olivia Dunham) talks about her character in ‘Fringe’ season 5:Buddy TV

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From Buddy TV

I’ve never seen the show Fringe, except for a few minutes of its reruns that was once on a channel that is now called SCI, that use to be called Discovery Science. But I would like to see a few shows of it in the future, if for no other reason that to see Anna Torv in it. Because I gotta be honest, reading the synopsis of it online, was not an attention grabber for me. You would have to be either an X Files junky or a sci-fi junky in general, which I’m not to be into fringe.

Fringe is about this made up division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, that is run by the Department of Homeland Security. Well anyone in America familiar with the FBI and DHS, knows that the FBI is not part of DHS. So that is one problem for Fringe, but it gets worst for me. Because the Fringe unit so to speak on the show’s job is to investigate the abnormal. Crimes that can’t be explained, supernatural events. Which is just not my cup of tea.

I like cop shows and law enforcement show in general, especially if they involve detectives or other investigators, that are believable and based on realty. That is just who I am as both a Liberal and as a person that I’m into things that are believable and credible and go where the evidence takes me. And that is just not Fringe, but what Fringe looks like is another one of those trendy supernatural detective shows, part of that genre that the Sci-Fi Network and FOX made popular in the late 1990s and the last ten years.

Sandra B: Leather Model


Source:The Booted Cat– Sandra B: a Goddess in leather n denim and jeans in boots.

Source:Real Life Journal

Thanks to the designer jeans revolution of the late 1990s and then the skinny jeans revolution of the mid 2000s, followed by boots coming back in a huge way, especially long boots, and women not just dressing up their boots, but their denim jeans, and with leather jackets always being so poplar, especially with denim jeans (men and women) we’re seeing the leather n denim look everywhere in America. And if there is one model online that makes that perfectly clear and has patent that look online in the modeling industry or modeling/adult entertainment industry, it’s the model that simply goes by the name SandraB.

From Cannizzaro

Holy smokes, Batman: Leather Model Sandra B is smoking in her black leather jacket and skin-tight, blue denim jeans. Hate to see anything happen to her and have to get the Fire Department out here to rescue her. LOL

16793619039_3ee16d4cf3_o (1)

Source:Cannizzaro– leather n denim model Sandra B.

The thing I think of when I see this photo is a beautiful, sexy women, who looks great both in leather and denim (especially together) and the boots as well and is very comfortable showing off her physical assets and letting the rest of the world see her.

16653435071_b1ebcae663_o (1)

Source:Cannizzaro– leather n denim model Sandra B.

From Cannizzaro

SandraB is part of several websites (perhaps she’s a freelance adult entertainer/model) and is all over social media, especially for the websites The Booted Cat and Leathered Life. She wears both leather and denim jeans, wears this beautiful, black leather studded biker jacket, and where’s it with he skinny denim jeans and black leather boots. I believe she or her body type, certainly is the reason why leather n denim and boots and jeans is so popular in America and why that look, especially boots and jeans and jeans in boots, has been so popular in America, especially in the fall and winter since the mid 2000s.

Both leather and denim are very versatile looks. You can dress down denim and leather, as well as boots and you can dress them up. It sort of depends on the jacket, jeans, and boots. With SandraB you get both. She can look like she’s just going to her kids soccer game or something, or headed out to the club or going to a nice restaurant or on a date, in boots and jeans. Because again of how versatile, as well as stylish and sexy leather and denim, especially when you put them together, as well as boots, have become in America.

SandraB is one of my favorite online adult entertainers/models, because even with the short, somewhat butch blond haircut, she’s really cute anyway, but beautiful as well, with the perfect body for both denim jeans, as well as leather jeans, and boots. And she’s always a pleasure to see and to check out.

Madi Heels: Sexy Blonde- Platform Boots and Jeans


Source:Madi Heels– Sexy Blonde, in skinny jeans in boots & leather n denim.

Source:The Daily Press 

“Platform boots and jeans.” Originally from Madi Heels. The video has since been deleted or blocked on YouTube.

Here’s another tall, gorgeous, and well-built blonde with tight curves wearing a leather jacket, skin-tight denim jeans, and black leather platform boots, the jackpot for sexy outfits as far as I’m concerned.

Even a blind gay man would notice a woman like her walking down the street in that outfit. ( No offense to blind gay men, there’s nothing wrong with that if that is who you are). It combines the two sexiest fabrics in fashion right now, leather and denim, with platform boots.

It’s a burger and fries or Montana to Rice, ( to use an NFL sports analogy for you NFL football fans especially San Francisco 49er fans ) the ultimate combination it can’t be beat except, perhaps, by replacing the platform boots with flat boots, which I prefer on women.

This woman looks very sexy without looking like a hooker ( for the most part ). She looks like she might even have a brain and uses it to make her living, might not need her sexy physical appearance. to pay the bills.

That’s the sexiest combination to me, beauty and intelligence, as good as burger and fries or Montana to Rice, the ultimate of combinations.

New Fashion 13: Down by the Riverside- Leather and Denim in Boots

Source: New Fashion 13– Down by the riverside in leather n denim and jeans in boots

Source:The Daily Press 

“Down by the riverside in stiletto boots and a black leather jacket.” Originally from New Fashion 13, but the video has since been deleted or blocked on YouTube.

When I think of sexy women, I think of them in tight jeans with leather boots. Whether they wear their boots with skinny jeans, the common look for five years now, or jeans over boot’s, its a very sexy combination. It combines two sexy looks, denim and leather, the two sexiest looks in fashion right now.

The body type is an important component of the denim and boots look. I’m not a fan of the valley girl look, a tall, rail thin, blond who doesn’t eat full meals and is afraid of meat. I’m also not a fan of obese women who look like they only eat meat and sweets and wouldn’t know exercise if they fell over it. I’m attracted to healthy, well built, women who eat full meals and keep themselves in shape. I’m 6’5 and over 200 lbs. I prefer women who are between 5’6 & 6’+ and well built.

About a year and a half ago, I saw a YouTube video of a beautiful, tall, brunette with a sweet face walking by a riverside wearing a black leather jacket, tight, dark, washed, skinny, denim jeans and black, leather, stiletto boots. I commented, at the time and still believe today, that her look was the perfect combination, like a cheeseburger and fries. The woman, apparently British, replied to me that she prefers fish and chips (ha ha) but she took my point. Whichever analogy you prefer, it works.

I prefer seeing women wearing calf high boots in tight jeans. It looks sexy but the women look intelligent and productive, independent of their sex appeal. Thigh high boots strike me as hooker boots. Women wearing them look like they need their sex appeal to make a living.