Leathered Life: Sandra B- Leather Coat, Leather Jeans & Boots

Source: Leathered Life– Sandra B from Leathered Life.

Source:The Daily Press

“SandraB Leather Model”

From Leathered Life

Short, but sweet video of Sandra one of the leather models at the website Leathered Life. Which I’m not sure is even still in business or not. I haven’t seen many videos or anything from them lately. But they were pretty hot in early 2009 when I got on YouTube and I checked out a lot of their videos when I got on YouTube. And a few of them are already on this blog and this will be another one.

Lena is probably the only model that I really like there. Sandra seems pretty sweet with a nice body, but Lena has everything including beauty and baby-face adorable looks. And a body that seems to be built for skinny jeans. Both denim and leather jeans with great curves.

The woman in the video looks good with the leather jeans and boots and certainly worth checking out. Which is why I’m posting this and her outfit is certainly sexy. But I’ve rather of seen a leather jacket like a biker jacket to go with the jeans and boots. Instead of a long coat.


Sandra B: Leather Model


Source:The Booted Cat– Sandra B: a Goddess in leather n denim and jeans in boots.

Source:Real Life Journal

Thanks to the designer jeans revolution of the late 1990s and then the skinny jeans revolution of the mid 2000s, followed by boots coming back in a huge way, especially long boots, and women not just dressing up their boots, but their denim jeans, and with leather jackets always being so poplar, especially with denim jeans (men and women) we’re seeing the leather n denim look everywhere in America. And if there is one model online that makes that perfectly clear and has patent that look online in the modeling industry or modeling/adult entertainment industry, it’s the model that simply goes by the name SandraB.

From Cannizzaro

Holy smokes, Batman: Leather Model Sandra B is smoking in her black leather jacket and skin-tight, blue denim jeans. Hate to see anything happen to her and have to get the Fire Department out here to rescue her. LOL

16793619039_3ee16d4cf3_o (1)

Source:Cannizzaro– leather n denim model Sandra B.

The thing I think of when I see this photo is a beautiful, sexy women, who looks great both in leather and denim (especially together) and the boots as well and is very comfortable showing off her physical assets and letting the rest of the world see her.

16653435071_b1ebcae663_o (1)

Source:Cannizzaro– leather n denim model Sandra B.

From Cannizzaro

SandraB is part of several websites (perhaps she’s a freelance adult entertainer/model) and is all over social media, especially for the websites The Booted Cat and Leathered Life. She wears both leather and denim jeans, wears this beautiful, black leather studded biker jacket, and where’s it with he skinny denim jeans and black leather boots. I believe she or her body type, certainly is the reason why leather n denim and boots and jeans is so popular in America and why that look, especially boots and jeans and jeans in boots, has been so popular in America, especially in the fall and winter since the mid 2000s.

Both leather and denim are very versatile looks. You can dress down denim and leather, as well as boots and you can dress them up. It sort of depends on the jacket, jeans, and boots. With SandraB you get both. She can look like she’s just going to her kids soccer game or something, or headed out to the club or going to a nice restaurant or on a date, in boots and jeans. Because again of how versatile, as well as stylish and sexy leather and denim, especially when you put them together, as well as boots, have become in America.

SandraB is one of my favorite online adult entertainers/models, because even with the short, somewhat butch blond haircut, she’s really cute anyway, but beautiful as well, with the perfect body for both denim jeans, as well as leather jeans, and boots. And she’s always a pleasure to see and to check out.

Leathered Life: Sandra B- In Leather Jeans

Leathered Life_ Sandra B- In Leather Jeans (1)

Source:Leathered Life– model Sandra B.

Source:The Daily Press 

“SandraB wearing her tight leather pants, leather gloves and long leather coat. visit us!”

From Leathered Life

“Blond Girl in Tight Leather Pants.” Originally from Leathered Life, but the video has since been deleted or blocked on YouTube.

Leathered Life - Sandra B

Source:Leathered Life– model Sandra B.

Who says blonde women don’t have curves? Sure! I’ve seen blonde women who look like rail-thin valley girls and many times are rail-thin valley girls. Moderate height to tall, but with no body and perhaps consider eating meat as animal cruelty and freak out about picking up an ounce of fat and even layoff potato chips. But there are very sexy Nordic and Northern Slavic blonde women, American and otherwise who are tall, but are filled out. Because they eat right and workout and take care of themselves.

Especially in the upper Midwest where curvy women of all ethnic backgrounds, are very common. Just because of the climate, culture lifestyle and to a certain extent ethnicity. Where you have a lot of German and Slavic women in those communities who tend to be curvy. Again because of the food and culture they grew up on. Take Illinois and Wisconsin, to use as examples. Western Pennsylvania, would be another hot spot for curvy women and even curvy blonde women. And that is what you see in this video. A blonde woman with a tight well-built body, looking great in skin-tight leather jeans. Who fills out those pants perfectly.

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