Kelly’s Life: Fall Outfit of The Day- Skinny Denim Jeans in Boots

Fall Outfit of the day_ Blouse, Boot, Skinny jeans (2011) - Google Search

Source:Kelly’s Life– jeans in boots.

Source:The Daily Journal

“Fall Outfit of the day: Blouse, Boot, Skinny jeans”

From Kelly’s Life

Denim is so versatile now that American women can not only go to ballgames in their skin-tight jeans and boots, but can dress like they’re going to the club or a nice restaurant, instead of a ballgame, or going to the club or a party or a nice restaurant after the game. Instead of just wearing t-shirts or jerseys, with sneakers at the ballgame, with the baggy jeans or running pants. As you see with the woman in this photo as she’s sort of dressed up her skin-tight jeans, with a nice top and her brown riding boots.

Kelly’s Life_ Fall Outfit of The Day- Skinny Denim Jeans in Boots _ The Daily Journal

Source:The Daily Journal– Going to a game, or going to a nice party, one of the advantages of denim jeans, is that they’re so versatile. You can dress them down like you are just picking up the kids at from school or going to the grocery store. Or you can dress them up and even dress skin-tight, denim jeans up, looking very sexy with your legs, butt, and crotch, while also looking dressy and looking like you are going out or going to the office in them. And they go perfectly with boots, just like shorts with sneakers.

As far as this outfit and to be completely serious (nothing new or no new or real risk taking here) not to put Kelly down, but skinny jeans in boots have been around for about ten-years now. A common look for sexy women especially in the fall and winter for both practical as well as stylish reasons.

The practical reasons are perhaps less obvious. They keep women warm in bad cold weather. Their legs that is especially the skinny denim because how tight they are and do not leave much in any room for cold air get air to get in. And the boots are great to walk around in bad weather, because you get better traction.

The stylish reasons are obvious. I mean seriously what better way for a sexy woman to show off her legs than in skinny jeans. Whether they are denim or leather, because again how tight they are and how they show off your legs.

And then you throw in boots either over or under the jeans and you have a very sexy stylish look, that will make women who aren’t as sexy or dressing much more conservatively jealous. And have guys checking you out especially when you’re on the move.

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