Nick Nevler: Harley Davidson and The Marlboro Man (1991) Mickey Rourke and Mitzi Martin: The Ending

Source:Make a Gif– Mickey Rourke and Mitzi Martin

Source:The Action Blog

“Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man Ending.”

From Nick Nevler

If you like action films, especially action/comedy I believe you’ll really like Harley Davidson and The Marlboro Man. Which is really about two underachieving and immature drifters ( played by Mickey Rourke and Don Johnson ) who come from humble backgrounds, who grew up together and both end up back in their hometown together and find out that their friends are in trouble and their favorite hangout is going out of business, unless it comes up with a lot cash in a short period of time. They’re not career criminals, but they’re not angels either and end up stealing money from a bank that’s run by crooks and the local mob there to save their bar.

Source:GFYCat– Mickey Rourke and Mitzi Martin

Neither Harley Davidson ( which is Mickey Rourke’s real name in the film ) or Marlboro ( which is Don Johnson’s real name in the film ) are meant to be one place for a long period of time, or even weeks. Especially Harley who is not just a biker, but is a drifter who takes off every time he gets bored and gets into trouble or something happens to him that he can’t deal with, because he’s so immature. Which is why the last scene in the movie after the heroes save the day ( so to speak ) is so great, because what is Harley doing, but taking off again and picking up a young woman ( played by Mitzi Martin ) who is also a drifter and they ride off into the sunset together.

2 thoughts on “Nick Nevler: Harley Davidson and The Marlboro Man (1991) Mickey Rourke and Mitzi Martin: The Ending

  1. Theresa San-Nicholas was the “Hitchhiker” at the end of the movie, Mitzi Martin is credited as “The Woman” in bed from the beginning of the film.


  2. Dear Nick Nevler, I liked your review of the film, and I, like you, think that the ending is very good, and moreover, the ending is the best thing in this film, but I sincerely cannot understand how the actress could be confused in the role of the hitchhiker, with the actress out of bed at the beginning of the film. Moreover, one of your readers has already drawn your attention to this annoying mistake, which misleads the inexperienced reader and viewer. But, unfortunately, you did not correct your mistake, and your article continues to be misleading. The actress who played this role is not Mitzi Martin, but Teresa San-Nicholas! And this is one of her best roles! In any case, she can be given an Oscar for the best episodic female role, whose name, in my opinion, I cannot say for sure, is not even mentioned in the credits. Please correct the name of the actress! It is also strange that the comments left by readers can be seen only if you yourself decided to write a comment and went to the page for writing them. It seems to me that this is not true and comments should be visible immediately after reading the article, on the same page.
    With best wishes, your Amordeus.


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