Brendan Cashell: Sexy Woman- Getting Frisked in a B-Movie

Brendan Cahsell
Source:Brendan Cashell– Sexy woman, frisked in a b-movie.

Source: The New Democrat

“Frisked in tight jeans.” I guess learning about what movie this woman was “frisked in tight jeans” is too much to ask for.

From Brendan Cashell

Here’s an example of a cop who should be working as a pimp or running a strip bar or something. And leaving the law enforcement business to people who get enough at home and do not stop sexy women so they can get off.

Another bad movie that will keep guys attention in long enough to be able to check out the sexy woman in it. One of those low-budget films you tend to see late night like at 3AM on Showtime or Cinemax.

Can’t even tell you title of this movie, because I have no idea what it is. Not sure the person who uploaded the video knows what the movie is and perhaps just decided to record it when they were up late after drinking too much RedBull and being on the computer too long and not being able to go to sleep.

But this is a sexy scene because of the woman in it, but also an example of bad cops going wild who need to find another line of work. Like flipping laundry or washing floors in jail or prison.


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