BBC: Big Strong Girls

Source: BBC– Big Strong Girls, in skin-tight leather jeans, doing home improvement looking very sexy.

Source:The Daily Post

“From big strong girls, BBC television.”

From BBC  

“Well, this programme isn’t annoying in the slightest. I am shocked it still isn’t on as ticks the token box quite well for the BBC, but I must’ve been 13 when this was on and was a proud teenager of a boy’s pair of GAP leather jeans and never mind woman wearing ’em, I was the only boy at school wearing ’em and they were the best pulling magnet bar none.”

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Source:BBC– Elaine on the left from BBC’s Big Strong Girls, working hard in her skin-tight, brown leather jeans.

From Hertfordshire 

“Simply Heaven. Of course it’s from the golden leather years 2000-2001 as it’s all other leather pant vids in youtube. I can’t remember a single day at that time without seeing at least 10 leathered ladies and girls. And what do we get today? Loose clothes, pregnant-style fashion, no tube tops, no pvc/leather pants or skirts or jackets, nothing is tight anymore. There r no leather legends in TV either-when was d last time you saw these ex legends wearing leather: Davina, Vorderman, Britney etc?).”

JeroenPB_ Ladies in brown leather pants - Google Search

Source:BBC– Elaine on the right, from BBC’s Big Strong Girls, looking very sexy working hard in her skin-tight, brown leather jeans.

From Anna Werer

They are both very sexy in their skin-tight, brown leather jeans. I think Jim Morrison from The Doors would be very proud of both of them for being able to pull of the look that most from women aren’t even willing to try. But Brigid (on the left) especially with her big, tight, bootie, is a goddess in leather jeans. If you want to know what skinny leather jeans look like, check out these two women.


Source:BBC– Elayne and Brigid from Big Strong Girls.

I gotta admit, I love seeing sexy women working hard in leather jeans. Which we don’t get to see a lot in America, because leather jeans aren’t very popular, outside of the biking and rock and roll culture. And they have even lost some popularity with those cultures as well. But leather jeans are still fairly popular in Europe, especially in Britain and Germany. You see them a lot on soap operas and with fashion models at shows.

I saw a show which was a British home improvement show. And there were a couple of sexy British ladies working hard doing renovations on a house somewhere in Britain, wearing tight brown leather jeans. One of them wearing a brown leather suit with brown leather boots and they looked great. Tight leather jeans on sexy women can be as sexy as tight denim jeans on sexy women. You have attractive well-built women wearing leather jeans, and you’re going to get a great look at her curves. That’s the whole point of leather jeans, to show off women’s or men’s curves. Their legs and butts and how they look in them.

But seeing these women working hard in leather jeans, doing hard physical work, Gives me a question. Are these pants comfortable especially when doing physical work. Britain obviously doesn’t get a lot of hot humid weather. But would you see women in Italy, France or Spain working hard especially in the summer. Countries that get weather that’s very similar to the American Southeast. Imagine how hard they would be sweating in those pants. I mean I’m not complaining, they looked great on that show. And I would watch over and over, I just have a hard time seeing American women doing the same work in those pants during the summer.


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