Discovery: Mythbusters- Kari Byron’s Appetite For Destruction

Source: Mythbusters- Kari Byron
Source:Who Dated Who– Mythbusters Kari Byron

Source:The Daily Journal

“Kari Byron Montage – 10”

From Creamy Bone

Kari Byron Montage - 10
Source:Creamy Bone– Kari Byron, on Mythbusters.

One of the sexiest things guys will ever see is an attractive sexy woman in a tight outfit who knows how to use tools and uses them. I have absolutely no interest in home improvement shows other than checking out the good-looking female carpenter, or designer.

Shows on cable from 5-10 years ago or so like Trading Spaces, In a Fix, While You Were Out, Clean Sweep, all shows from TLC by the way. That had a very sexy host an at least one attractive designer or carpenter, or in some cases both. Sometimes an attractive host, designer and carpenter, like on Trading Spaces. And you get to check out these women doing what’s generally at least back in the day men’s work doing all sorts of physical home improvement work. And you get to see these women working with tools and doing a very good job.

I’ve only seen a few scenes of Mythbusters on Discovery let alone an actual entire show. But working with tools and they generally work on cars and other vehicles, seems to be a big part of their show. Kari Byron might be enough incentive for me to watch an entire episode of Mythbusters based on what she does on that show.




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