Leather Predator: The Freshman (1990) Matthew Broderick & Penelope Ann Miller

Source: The Leather Predator– Mathew Broderick & Penelope Ann Miller.

Source:The Daily Times 

“The Freshman (1990) – leather scene HD 720p. Penelope Ann Miller in leather skirt and jacket.”

From Leather Girls

I’m not going to say The Freshman is a bad movie, because I don’t think it is. I guess I could lie about that, but I’m not, but it is certainly a very overrated preppy kind of snobby movie. With a lot of cheesy writing, especially considering this movie is at least partially about a Italian-American gangster played by Marlin Brando, or former gangster.

And movies like this don’t tend to sound so Connecticut or upper Manhattan. They don’t tend to sound so preppy and snobby and upper class, Anglo-Saxon, but this movie does at least to me. But this is one scene that I liked and it had mostly to do with Penelope Ann Miller. Who is a very funny actress and looks great in this leather suit I guess with the jacket and skirt.

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