Lovers of Boots: Naya- In Skinny Jeans in Thigh High Boots

Source: Lovers of Boots– Naya, from Lovers of Boots

Source:The Daily Press

“Naya in skinny jeans and thigh high boots.” Originally from Lovers of Boots, but the video has since been deleted or blocked on YouTube.

A very cute and yet sexy girl, in a tight t-shirt, skinny denim jeans, in thigh high boots. In the kitchen (so to speak) acting as if she’s washing dishes or something. I don’t know of a lot of women who wash dishes in thigh high boots and generally just wear boots like that when they’re going to club or something and for obvious reasons.

Because these boots are what known as hooker boots. That hookers and prostitutes wear on the street and generally not with jeans, but with short skirts. Or you’ll see strippers wearing those boots at strip joints. Musicians on stage and in concert, will wear them from time to time as well. Especially if they’re pretty young and sexually provocative.

Again as a Liberal I’m a to each is own, live and let live kind of guy. But I’m not interested in women who look like strippers and wouldn’t date or go without with a woman who dresses like a stripper. I love the jeans in boots look and love that look with tight t-shirts. But it’s called jeans in boots, because they’re jeans and boots and you’re supposed to be able to see the tight denims with the boots. And not just supersize boots over jeans.

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