Leathered Life: ‘Lara- Powergirl in a Black Leather’

Leathered Life - Lara in Leather Pants

Source:Leathered Life– this is a different Leathered Life model.

Source:The Daily Press 

“All free clips with Lara in Miss Sixty Leather Pants, Wetlook Leggings and real leather

Leathered Life – Girls in leather pants, wetlook leggings and shiny leather clothes”

From Leathered Life

“Best of 2010- Leathered Life”

Leathered Life_ Lara- 'Powergirl in Black Leather'

Source:Leathered Life– Holy smokes, Batman! It’s Leathered Life model Lara. LOL

From Leather Beauty

“Power girl in black leather.”

Leathered Life

Source:Leathered Life– model Lara.

From Leathered Life

I wish Leathered Life, was as active now, as it was 4-5 years ago. Because if you love seeing sexy and I mean beautiful well-built women in tight leather jeans and boots as well, Leathered Life was probably the best place find images of women like that. Not that they had a lot of competition, but their models are curvy with tight curves. And you consistently see them in Miss Sixty black leather jeans, with boots and t-shirts. Lena, one of their models there, is a beautiful baby-faced brunette, with big curves and a very tight body. Looks great in those Miss Sixty jeans.

Unlike with denim jeans of course there are not a lot of leather jean brands. Levi’s, makes leather jeans and so does Wrangler and maybe a few others. But Miss Sixty, specializes in leather jeans and they also make denim jeans. They’re great with the skin-tight, or skinny jeans, both leather and denim. And they make them for women and men. What you see with Lara in this video, is a wide-range of Miss Sixty. The leather jeans, leather coat and leather boots. She’s one of their better models at Leathered Life.

Leather jeans, especially for women, are pretty common in Europe and I believe in Latin America as well. But they haven’t caught on very well in America except for the late 1970s and early 1980s and then came back in the late 1990s and early 2000s. They tend to be seen as very Rock and Roll, or biker and unless you come from that culture, women don’t tend to be very comfortable wearing them. Unlike skinny denim jeans, where they wear those jeans everywhere even to work now. To show off their legs and butts. Which is too bad, because if anything leather jeans are a better way for women to show off their bodies.

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