Shawns Girl: Janet Jackson- Runaway Sydney Australia 5/11/2011

Janet Jackson Runaway Sydney Australia 5_11_2011Source:Shawns Girl– Janet Jackson: Up Close and Personal, from Sydney, Australia, in 2011.

Source:The Daily Journal 

“Janet Jackson performs Runaway at the Sydney Opera House on her number ones up close and personal tour.”

From Shawns Girl

Still a great album twenty years later. I remember Rhythm Nation very well, because I was in junior high at the time that it came out in 1989 and in high school in 1990-91 when the album was completed. Janet Jackson was all over MTV and VH1 (when they both played music videos) from 89-91, because her album was so popular and so were her videos.

Black Cat was number one for several weeks and so was Love Will Never Do. And it was in junior high when I finally became a music fan and got into rhythm and blues and classic rock, got my first walkman (as they were called back then) and was always listening to it when I was in the car and would even take it to school and sometimes go to sleep with it on. (Don’t try that at home, kids)

Janet Jackson is simply a very adorable, sexy, and intelligent performer and communicator. Even if you don’t like her you can’t help, but notice her and perhaps at least hear what she’s saying. Which I believe is when you know a performer and commentator has their audience. When the people are listening even if they don’t like what they’re hearing.

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