Adriana Misu: Truck Loaded With Timber- Headed by A Woman

Adriana Misu - Mother Trucker
Source:Adriana Misu– Holy Mother Trucker, Batman! LOL

Source:The Daily Post

“Truck loaded with timber headed by a woman !!! ♥”

From Adriana Misu

A mother trucker and not just any mother trucker, but a sexy mother trucker and athletic looking mother trucker who obviously keeps in shape and takes care of herself. I would imagine she would have to in order to drive as long and far as truck drivers have to and to be able to operate and take care of her truck. Which is also a lot of work just in itself. Truck driving is sort of traditionally a male dominated industry and I imagine it still is, but like with motor bikers and western culture and business’s like ranches, you’re now seeing a lot of women working in those fields and doing those activities. And not just any woman, but sexy healthy attractive women who do great jobs in these professions.


Streety Films: Mother Trucker Carolyn BC

Source: Streety Films

Source: Real Life Journal

A short but sweet video of a sexy female driver. I love women like this who prove they can do traditionally male jobs, but who are actual women. And shows that women can be women, meaning feminine and not have to be, lets say dykes in order to do jobs like this. We see this cowgirls and biker chicks as well. With very feminine and attractive sexy women who fit in very well in these cultures, because they are from it, part of it and know it. And don’t act butch and are trying to be like guys doing these jobs. But are sexy feminine attractive women who also happen to be truck drivers. Because perhaps that is the business they grew up with their fathers, or simply decided they wanted to do on their own.

Streety Films: Mother Trucker Carolyn For BC

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