Wrangler Jeans: Laura Bell Bundy By Wrangler

Source:Fans Share – “Laura Bell Bundy Voor Wrangler”

Source:The Daily Journal

“Designed to satisfy today’s cowgirl’s most important denim requirement — a great-looking booty — Booty Up™ by Wrangler® features unique patent-pending technology with darts, seams, stitching patterns and fabrics, all designed to visually lift the rear for the shape women desire most. With strong country roots and contemporary style, Laura Bell Bundy, is the new face of this uplifting jean.

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From Wrangler

Love seeing sexy women in Wrangler jeans and Laura Bell Bundy certainly qualifies as a sexy woman. Even if she farts in her Wranglers and farts in public. ( Because I doubt she’s the only woman who does ) And I’m sure some of those women are even straight as well.

Wrangler jeans denim or leather are for sexy women. They tend to be popular with country girls, western girls and cowgirls, but sexy women of all lifestyles and cultural backgrounds would look good in Wranglers. Because they are made for women with curves, to show off curvy women.

They are not meant for stick-figure wannabe models who feel the need to only eat brown rice and rice cakes and drink water before they vomit all of that up. Because they feel that is how you become a successful model in America.


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