Beta MAX: Thelma and Louise (1991) Starring Susan Sarandon & Geena Davis

Source:Beta MAX– Susan Sarandon as Louise and Geena Davis and Thelma

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“1991 Thelma and Louise TV Movie Trailer”

From Beta Max

If you’re familiar with the so-calld me too movement and have followed that and are a fan of it, you’re going to like this movie even though it came out 26 years before me too was a popular term in American English dictionary, because a lot of what these two women ( Thelma and Louise ) go through in this movie is what me too is about. Which is essentially young women and women older than that, very attractive women as well like Thelma and Louise and how they’ve been mistreated by men in their lives. In many cases by men who they trusted.

Source:Mental Floss– Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon as Thelma and Louise

Susan Sarandon, plays Louise and plays a woman who was raped several years earlier and never reported it not even to her best friend Thelma. ( Played by Geena Davis ) Thelma, gets raped in this movie by a guy ( played by Timothy Carhart ) she met at a bar who she was hanging out with and he gets too physical for her. And they both reach a point in their lives where they’re tired of being screwed especially by people they trust and just let it all out and let it all go and just screw caution because they’re mad as hell and not going to take it anymore. ( Famous line from a certain great movie )

Source:Common Sense Media – Geena Davis and Susan Sarandon as Thelma and Louise

Thelma and Lousie, don’t start off their vacation in this movie as outlaws. They’re simply looking to get away and have a great time. Thelma, gets sexually assaulted in the parking lot at the first bar they go to that night before Louise finds them and rescues here which gets out of hand and she ends up shooting the man who sexually assaulted her best friend Thelma. So now they’re on the run because they decided not to report the crime thinking no one would believe them ( sound familiar? ) and now they’re on the run in rural Arkansas, ( as if there is any other kind of Arkansas ) but it gets even better because they pick up a young guy ( played by Brad Pitt ) who gets very friendly with Thelma, but he doesn’t physically assault and instead just takes all of Thelma and Louise’s money. So now they’re on the run with no money to support themselves.

Originally Thelma and Louise and just wanted by the state police for questioning of the shooting of the guy that Louise shot and killed outside of the bar. But when they go on the run Thelma knocks off some stores for the cash because they’re out of money. So this movie turns into a cross state char chase by the state police in pursuit of Thelma and Louise. This is very good movie, a very relevant movie to what’s going on in America with me too the last two years. A very funny movie with Susan Sarandon, Geena Davis, Chis MacDonald, Harvey Keitel, Steve Tobolowski, and many other great comedic actors. And a very sexy movie with Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis playing the female outlaws in the movie.

Janet Jackson: The Pleasure Principle

Janet Jackson - The Pleasure Principle (Official Music Video)
Source:Janet Jackson– Janet Jackson’s Pleasure Principle.

Source:The Daily Journal

“Music video by Janet Jackson performing The Pleasure Principle.”

From Janet Jackson

To be completely honest with you, if you were to judge The Pleasure Principle as just a song and listened to Janet Jackson just sing the song standing in front of a microphone and without the dancing, we are not talking about a very good song.

I’m a Janet fan, but the song itself is not that great and maybe that is just part of the era that it came from which is the 1980s, which wasn’t a very good decade for American music rhythm and blues, or anything else. And I think this song is somewhat cheesy compared with the 1990s which was great decade for American music.

I’ve seen this video and heard this song countless times and I’m still not sure what this is about. But if you judge the song by just the video, this is a great video, song or no song. The music to the lyrics are very good and you throw in Janet herself and I don’t know if there is a better singer/dancer than Janet Jackson. Easily one of the best musical dancers of all-time and one of the sexiest as well if not the best of all-time.

Janet is a  very attractive beautiful baby-face woman with a great body. Who almost thirty-years later after this song came out, she hasn’t lost a thing anywhere. And if anything she is a better entertainer now than she was in 1986.


Sexy Latex Val: Sexy Val in Her New Guess Black Denim Jeans in Black Zipper Boots

Source:Sexy Latex Val– Sexy Latex Val, in her black Guess denim jeans , in black zipper boots.

Source:The Daily Press 

“Sexy Val In Her New GUESS Black Jeans and Zipper Boots”

From Sexy Latex Val

When I think of sexy women, not women who could pass as hookers, I think of women who are attractive, well-built, and wearing tight denim with boots, tight jeans in boots or jeans over boots.

You see biker chicks, rocker chicks, cowgirls, female construction workers, and waitresses wearing them. You see women wearing tight jeans to the office. If you’re a guy and you’re religious, you should thank God for casual Friday. Denim is a universal look and material today that is no longer just for casual looks and events.

It is now a versatile look that women wear to work and not just entertainers, or construction workers and designers that you see on TV. But sexy women wear denim and leather when they’re going out and dress up in their denim jeans and dress up in boots and dress up with their jeans and boots. And do it in a way that makes them look stylish and appropriate. Or women like you see in this video (just click the link) who wear their skin-tight black denim jeans, in leather boots, with a short leather jacket, while they’re going shopping with their kid. As you see with this woman in this video.

This beautiful redhead takes it a step further by wearing a short tight top, and a black leather jacket with skin-tight black denim Guess jeans and black leather zipper boots. She is filmed, presumably, by her boyfriend or husband. Out for the day, we see her out moving around in her sexy outfit.

Val has a great body. She knows it and is not afraid of the world seeing it because she knows who she is. She takes the attitude that if you have it, you should be proud of it and not be afraid to show it. Gotta love her for that. By the way, I wish black denim jeans were more popular among women.

Black leather jeans are fairly common now. Black denim jeans they might be just as sexy as blue denim jeans. They sort of have the look of leather jeans. I understand why women wouldn’t want to wear black jeans in the summer in the State of Maryland where I live because of the heat and humidity. But in the fall and winter, why not.

So my hat’s off to “Sexy Val” for taking care of herself, looking great, and not being afraid to show the world how great she looks. She makes black denim jeans look as sexy as possible and I would love to see more women take her lead, especially in the winter, when those jeans would help keep them warm as well.

Another advantage of black denim is that they can come off as work and dress pants and still be tight and show a women’s lower body. Again women could wear them to the office. Teachers could wear them to work and still look very appropriate.

Men are always doing this and have been doing this. Because black pants, generally trousers are very common for both men and women when going to work. But add denim instead of cotton and you have a very stylish pant that still looks professional, but also looks good and shows that the woman or man, also has nice legs and even a nice but.

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