Elle: Janet Jackson- All For You, Adelaide 2011

Source: Elle

Source: The Daily Journal

Forget Janet Jackson’s music for a moment, (no offense) because I can just watch her perform by dancing and see her move around on stage. She’s got both one of the sexiest and cutest bodies around. At least for a short American woman. She’s got a very athletic body and looks like she’s probably in the gym most of the time that she’s not performing in public. Either on a talk show, being interviewed somewhere, or performing in concert. I could watch her dance and move without her music or any music, because she’s so entertaining as a dancer. And I mean that both with her as a professional dancer and sexually speaking. Great body, great style, great moves, great outfit with the black Levis, the black t-shirt, the military boots. It’s been said that most guys just want to see women wearing tight t-shirts and tight jeans and from my perspective that would be both denim and leather jeans. Janet Jackson is a great example of why American men at least love sexy women in t-shirts and tight jeans and I would add boots. Because that’s the perfect outfit for a woman like Janet to show off her body and how hard she works to stay in shape and look great. And she’s got this look down.

Elle: Janet Jackson- All For You- Adelaide 2011

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