Panu Sen: MudBathing Girls- Mud Bathing in Thailand

Panu Sen_ MudBathing Girls- Mud Bathing in Thailand
Source:Panu Sen– Thai women mud-bathing in Thailand.

Source:The Daily Post  

“Girls mudbathing 2 girls bathing in muddy water. The one have a big tattoo.”

From Panu Sen

This photo is from the same video with this woman in Thailand bathing and rolling around in the mud in her skin-tight denim jeans and studded belt. The video from which is this photo is from is not currently available, but you can still see Panu Sen’s video here.

Theoo 77_ MudBathing Girls- Beautiful, Sexy, Adorable, Thai Women- Getting Wed in the Mud
Source:Panu Sen– Woman mud-bathing in Thailand.

From Theoo77

Generally speaking when I blog, I blog about things that I believe are important especially important stories that are happening right now that effect a lot of Americans generally, the country as a whole or even innocent people around the world. Like the economy or foreign policy, personal liberties, education, health care, threats to freedom from big government and people who want big government from the both the Left and Right.

And then there are times I write about things that interest me personally but perhaps aren’t getting much play in the broader media. Like a great movie that I just saw, like you saw on this blog on the weekend, or something I’m just thinking about that might be going on in my life or others lives. Like as they relate to speech and expression and people trying to quiet certain forms of speech and expression because it either offends them personally or people they care about.

But then there are times I simply blog for pure pressure like something I saw either at a ballgame, or a great song or music performance. A great trip I was on or a great bike ride and yes very sexy women especially when they are this adorable and could pass as teenage girls, or even younger if they wanted or needed to, but yet are also very sexy as you see in this video here. This post was simply posted for the pure pleasure of checking out these women in this video.

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