Modal 50 Rabu: Tall Sexy Blonde- In Skinny Jeans: In High Heel Boots With Chains

Source:The Daily Post– Sexy Blonde, in jeans in boots

Source:The Daily Post

“Sexy Blonde in Tight Jeans in Boots With Chains.” Don’t know the original source for this quote and video.

A tall sexy curvy blonde woman. I just wish her top wasn’t so low or was tucked in her skinny jeans and we would’ve had some idea what kind of butt she has.

But tall sexy curvy blondes which twenty years ago might have seemed as common as blizzards in Miami, Florida or Muslims in Alabama, now are fairly common today. As the bone-thin look which has been proven not to be healthy because it means people male or female simply aren’t strong enough to live healthy when they are that frail, is now out of style because it is unhealthy.

And guys like women with meet on their bones and we tend to like healthy sexy looking women. And that means women who aren’t rail-thin and certainly not obese. But look like they eat properly and stay in shape so they do look healthy, but also are able to live healthy.

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