Betty Boots: Cowboy Boots For Women

Betty Boots
Source:Betty Boots– Cowboy boots for cowgirls.

Source:The Daily Post

“Hey! Its me Betty Boots, In this video I am showing you Justin, Distressed Chocolate Puma, Bent Rail, snip toe, leather boots. They are awesome, comfortable and cute as well!! check out the video and my website to see more! more vids to come in the near future!!
Love Betty! ;)”

From Betty Boots

For a cowgirl to be a cowgirl or at least a sexy cowgirl, she needs the right cowgirl boots that fit and allow for her to be a successful cowgirl. I don’t think cowgirls are cowgirl without the right cowgirl boots.

And they go so well with tight denim jeans and leather jeans which are so common with cowgirls and cowboys. They are something the cowgirl simply needs to have to be a real cowgirl. Which is something I think the woman in this video understands. And knows exactly what are the right cowgirl boots for her and knows what boots go with her jeans when she’s doing her cowgirl and western activities.

This is just one example of why guys who aren’t cowboys and who grow up in an urban big city environment such as myself love cowgirls. Because of their style and how they present themselves and how they also take care of themselves.


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