Pop Sugar Fashion: ‘How to Wear Over-The-Knee-Boots’

Pop Sugar Fashion_ 'How to Wear Over-The-Knee-Boots' (1)

Source:Pop Sugar Fashion– with a look at jeans in boots.

Source:Real Life Journal  

“Thigh-high boots are right on trend for Fall, which is why we’ve created some helpful guidelines so you can rock them all season long! Shop our favorite boots here, and start wearing your sexy over-the-knee boots now. On Allison: Mango vest, Forever 21 top, Vince Camuto skirt”

From Pop Sugar Fashion 

Pop Sugar Fashion_ 'How to Wear Over-The-Knee-Boots'

Source:Real Life Journal– jeans in boots at the supermarket.

Jeans in boots is a classic look that was finally brought back into style in the fall of 2005, Before I was even blogging, I noticed beautiful, sexy women on the streets as I going home from work not just wearing skinny jeans, which also came out that year, but dressing up their skinny denims with blouses, suit jackets, fur jackets and coats, suede jackets, and leather jackets, leather belts, western belts and not just with their boots, which is has been around for women at least since the late 1970s (boots and jeans) but with their jeans in their boots, which also came into style in the late 1970s and went out of style in the late 80s or so. But not it’s back for about 10 (jeans in boots) and I don’t see it leaving anytime soon.

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