Caterina Balivo: In Skinny Denim Jeans in Boots

Source:Oh That Bruce– Caterina Balivo, on Italian TV

Source:The Daily Journal

“From Festa Italiana 2009/11/25, The Delightful Caterina in leather over the knee boots.”

From Bruce FF

Considering I have no idea who the hell Caterina Balivo is, other than she is a beautiful sexy Italian woman from Italy, ( not Italian-American at least born in America ) she is obviously a very attractive woman appearing here I guess on Italian TV. Not as curvy as say as the traditional Italian women American or otherwise.

Sophia Loren comes to mind, perhaps the goddess of goddess’ and perhaps the best looking woman of all-time at least in her prime. But Caterina is still a very attractive woman obviously and definitely worth checking out in her skinny denims in boots. Very popular in Europe and perhaps especially in Italy where the dress code for women is a bit more liberal than it is in America. And you even see newscasters sporting the jeans in boots look there. Claudia Kleinert in Germany is a perfect example of that.


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