My Horse: Cruel Girl Jeans- How to Wear Jeans and Boots

Cruel Girl Jeans
Source:Cruel Girl Jeans– on display.

Source:The Daily Journal

“Cruel Girl is the mostly widely recognized ladies’ jeans in the western industry because they make fashion authentic. explores several Cruel Girl style jeans that will turn heads and be comfortable in the saddle.”

From Cruel Girl Jeans

One of the reasons why I love cowgirls and country girls in general (that is women) has to do with their style. They tend to be very healthy looking women who eat real food and real amounts of food, but eat healthy. They tend to be tall and curvy and generally at least curvy and that is because of their diets. Which tend to involve a lot of meat and potatoes. Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, etc.

And of course their style, because country girls, Western girls, cowgirls, again because of their diets and lifestyles they tend to be very sexy and look great on the ranch and on their horses. And part of that has to do with their style. They love tight jeans both denim and leather. And they love Western boots including cowgirl boots, and cowboy hats, button-down shirts, western belts.

If you’re familiar with at least modern western movies, or Marilyn Monroe in The Misfits and River of No Return, in the 1950s, wears she’s wearing Levis and boots for a lot of both movies and mostly in River of No Return, or you so-called reality TV shows based on Western culture and women at ranches, you see exactly what I mean. Or The Dukes of Hazard with Catherine Bach as Daisy Duke and of course the country boys. And men such as myself love women like this.


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