The Daily Press: Down by the Riverside- Leather and Denim in Boots

Source: The Daily Press Plus– Down by the riverside in leather n denim and jeans in boots

Source:The Daily Press

When I think of sexy women, I think of them in tight jeans with leather boots. Whether they wear their boots with skinny jeans, the common look for five years now, or jeans over boot’s, its a very sexy combination. It combines two sexy looks, denim and leather, the two sexiest looks in fashion right now. Women who look good in leather or denim, look good. Especially when they combine the two. With a leather jacket and denim jeans, for example. Or just denim with leather boots and perhaps a suede jacket, or non-leather jacket. And the other advantage that these two materials have is that you can dress them up or down. Denim is traditionally dressed down like when people are at home and relaxing, just getting home from work. Running errands on the weekend, going to their kids ballgames, etc. But both leather and denim can be dressed up. Women can go to the office now in their jeans and even boots and do that and look appropriate.

Source: Lovers of Boots– LOB model Bonita in jeans in boots

The body type is an important component of the denim and boots look. I’m not a fan of the valley girl look, a tall, rail thin, blond who doesn’t eat full meals and is afraid of meat. I’m also not a fan of obese women who look like they only eat meat and sweets and wouldn’t know exercise if they fell over it. I’m attracted to healthy, well-built, women who eat full meals and keep themselves in shape. I’m 6’5 and over 200 lbs. I prefer women who are between 5’6 & 6’+ and well-built. I like healthy women who stay in shape and are proud of it. Not who look like vegetarians who think working out makes women look fat. Or women with bad appetites who never exercise. But healthy women who stay in shape and look good. Who are proud of their physical appearance perhaps because they know what they have to do to look good and stay in shape. And like showing the world how good they looks. And denim, leather and boots, especially when they’re put together is a great way to do that.

About a year and a half ago, I saw a YouTube video of a beautiful, tall, brunette with a sweet face walking by a riverside wearing a black leather jacket, tight, dark, washed, skinny, denim jeans and black, leather, stiletto boots. I commented, at the time and still believe today, that her look was the perfect combination, like a cheeseburger and fries. The woman, apparently British, replied to me that she prefers fish and chips (ha ha) but she took my point. Whichever analogy you prefer, it works. I prefer seeing women wearing calf high boots in tight jeans. It looks sexy but the women look intelligent and productive, independent of their sex appeal. Thigh high boots strike me as hooker boots. Women wearing them look like they need their sex appeal to make a living.



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